Woolworks by Colin Millington

These woolworks follow a well-established 19th century nautical tradition. British sailors practiced a number of crafts to while away the time on long voyages. One of the most attractive was creating pictures of ships with scraps of coloured wool.

These were always of a naïve style, showing the ship from side on with little concern for scale or perspective. 

Colin Millington is a retired sailor living by the sea on the Norfolk coast. He served in the Royal Navy as well as the Merchant Navy and as a Coastguard. 

He started making traditional woolworks some years ago by copying old examples but over time he has developed an individual and personal style. Some aspects of his pictures show the influence of the naïve artist Alfred Wallis and he includes figures and shore scenes in a way that is uniquely his own. 


Paffron & Scott are the sole agents for Colin’s work.

Colin Millington Portrait