Husband and wife team Luke Scott and Saffron Paffron buy, sell, design and make beautiful things.

Luke – I was brought up in the traditional antiques trade which gave me a thorough grounding in 18th century furniture, English ceramics, and the British country house style. In the last ten years I have added a liking for 20th century design from Bauhaus to British post war. My taste tends towards a masculine English style, from early oak and Georgian mahogany to Arts & Crafts and Industrial Design. I especially like country furniture, naïve & folk art and English textiles; plus a little tribal art & natural history.

Saffron – I am a textile artist, seamstress, costume maker, singer and street-theatre performer. My sewing work is grounded in my early training as a specialist loose-cover maker. Later, after I re-trained as a performer, the ability to work with fabric in three dimensions was applied to my costume making, becoming sculptural and surreal in style and form. My long-standing zeal for re-cycling and re-inventing and my passion for vintage textiles, functional artwork, and the celebration of traditional, almost lost, needlework are at the heart of my current textile work.