Instructions for purchase
  • Requests to purchase can only be emailed to
  • We won’t answer the phone or look at social media until later in the day
  • For the sake of fairness we have a limit of two pictures per person
  • We will open the emails in the order we receive them and sales will be on a first come, first served basis
  • Although there is a limit of two each, you can list as many as you like in order of preference, in case your first choice has already been sold
  • If listing several, you must specify if you want one or two pictures, otherwise we will assume it is one.
  • We will reply as quickly as we can and let you know if you have been successful or not, and of course if you are unlucky in your request, you can send a new email
  • We will email invoices out later in the day and ask for payment by bank transfer, or card payment over the phone, within a couple of days
  • All prices include postage to anywhere in the world